Maurizio Napoleoni

Front End Developer – Web designer

I intend to work hard, develop accessible and standards-based web sites and learn something new every day.

I am a creative front end developer at BetterOff Networks. I love my job and I am very passionate about it. My experience includes developing site planning, user interface design, JavaScript development. I hold a university degree in Computer Science.

I am focused in finding the killer, cost effective solution for the project I am working on.



Sept 2013 - Mar 2014

BetterOff Networks / Front end engineer

I was in charge of designing and developing large a SPA according to customer and business requirements.

I was also in charge of redesigning existing UIs for some of our products.

  • Single page application development.
  • SPA with white-label support entirely done client side.
  • Single Page App client side Authentication.
  • Different components of the UI based on user level. The user can have multiple accounts, each accountwith different credentials and just keep different tabs opened for each account.
  • NodeJS development on the Parse platform
  • Mobile Web development, including Responsive Web Design.
  • Use of various oAuth as Authentication provider.
May 2012 - Aug 2013

YomStar / Front end developer - Web designer

YomStar is a cutting edge online on-the-spot survey tool designed to work on mobile and desktop environments.

I took care of the implementation of design, development of the UI components and functionality with JavaScript. The back end functionalities have been realized with Groovy/Grails, while the front end has been developed with jQuery and jQuery Mobile.

One of the most exciting features I had the opportunity to develop is image capturing within the browser, using the HTML5 file API, resize and rotate the picture client side, and then performs the upload through the XMLHTTPRequest Level 2.

This is just one of the amazing features of this product.

June 2011 - present

Dorsal Consultans / Sr. Web Developer

Dorsal Consultans is an awsome company with offices in New York (USA) and Shenzhen (China) specialized on investing in young companies and start-ups located in East, and South-East Asia.

In this frame of time I had occasion to challenge myself with a number of websites.

I took part with an amazing non-profit project for helping orphan Chinese childrens.

2011 - 2012

Aericon / Sr. Front-end Developer - Web Designer

I worked as part of the offshore team for Aericon and Cohesian, two American digital agencies. I am been in charge of developing a number of projects using in particular HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. I am been also in charge of realizing email templates with MailChimp.

2007 - 2011

BeeSoft - BeeLab / Jr. Web developer

Developed and matained a number of website for our wide range of customers.


2004 - 2010

Marche Polytechnic University

Degree in Computer Science and Automation Engineering

I realized for my University thesis for the final degree exam, a project in collaboration with Picchio s.p.a. where I realized a control system for a 2 times engine running a low consumption experimental car.

The control system has been put in place during the Shell Eco Marathon of 2010 attempted at the EuroSpeedway Lausitz track in Germany on the 6-7th May 2010.

The control system has helped the team to reach a better balance on the gears, so that helped reducing the overall fuel consumption of the vehicle.


JavaScript - 90%

Design and UX - 80%

jQuery - 100%

AngularJS - 90%

JS MVC - 90%

HTML & CSS - 100%

I use

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • SCSS
  • Yeoman / Grunt / Bower
  • jQuery
  • GIT - Mercurial
  • Bootstrap
  • MVC
  • AJAX
  • MCV JavaScript


Ian Woodard / Dorsal Consultants LLC

Maurizio has been working with us since late June of 2011. During that time he has completed a simply immense body of work with an absolute minimum of direction or supervision needed. He works quickly, provides detailed documentation- and never takes offense at some of our clients more inane requests. The ends results have always been stellar- user friendly, high conversion website. We make extensive use of Google Analytics, and the sites that Maurizo works are consistently the best converting.

Designers have a tendency to do "nice" work but Maurizo makes sites that are both cost effective in terms of labor hours to manage, and have an ROI that puts them in the black within weeks.

Dean Whitney / Aericon

Maurizio is an excellent WordPress developer skilled in front-end markup and PHP. He doesn't just do what's on the list, he solves problems and adds value.

Sam Rizvi / Cohesian

He is higly flexible, dependable, loyal, and committed. A true results oriented professional and a team player. He works great with other team members and has been a key mentor to our junior staff and myself in explaining highly complex functions and features from time-to-time.

We’ve also worked together on a number of large volume/ traffic websites and email marketing campaigns, from concept to completion. I can confidently say these projects would not have been a success without him.

Francesco Mariani / BeeSoft - BeeLab

Maurizio’s main skill is his ability in “thinking outside of the box”, and he’s pretty creative.

In all the projects Maurizio took part with us, he has been always very professional and sharp, solving very often situations otherwise complex even for more experienced developers.


  • My projects

Best Deals Indy


Best Deals Indy is a website designed to group deals and events around the Indianapolis area.

Work title

2009 - Present

This website is designed for the "Sentieri Piceni" national sport competition in MTB, taken in central Italy every year attracting thousand of people.

The logo designed here is a recognizable brand for MBT people in Italy.

This project includes logo design and development with WordPress.


2012 - 2013

YomStar is a cutting edge survey tool where I work.

Work title


YomStar in collaboration with NovaFM has realized a special page to take a survey and make a competition across Nova FM listeners across Queensland and Victoria.

Work title


I do love open source. I have collaborated to a number of projects and realized a number for my personal pleasure. My jQuery - BootStrap plugin "MaxLenght" has got more than 50stars and 10 forks.

Fuori Di Sella

2005 - 2013

This project is about company's website, events, typography and flyers design.

Hole 23

2004 - 2005

This website has been my first work for the web.


Address: Australia, Brisbane, West End
Phone: +61-040-2720-871